Sunday, January 1, 2012

My favourite wedding cupcake tower of 2011

This was my favourite wedding cupcake tower of the more than 100 wedding cupcake towers we did this year! I love the way the fresh peonies and roses complement our simple vanilla cupcakes with pale pink pearl cachous.

Our last wedding for 2011!

Cupcake Passion had a great 2011- and baked for over 100 weddings! This was our final wedding for the year- which was at Saltbar in Kingscliff on a beautiful day for a lovely couple! The bride did her own lolly buffet- and the centrepiece was our cream, black and silver wedding cupcake tower!

Rowan and Ashleigh's Lolly Buffet

Our very first lolly buffet! Done for my brothers wedding using all white lollies including marshmallows, Jelly Belly beans (coconut and toasted marshmallow), milk bottles, kool mints, beacon imperial mints, white foil hearts, milk buds, white sugared almonds, and homemade white chocolate rocky road and haystacks!

The popularity of lolly buffets is growing rapidly- and I can see why after my brothers wedding! The guests loved it SO much- and are still talking about it! Having a lolly buffet is a great social aspect as guests go to the table and fill up their noodle box and have a chance to catch up in a fun, relaxed way.

Photo by the amazing Thurtell Photography.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mint green and cream wedding cupcakes

This tower was a mix of vanilla and choc mint mud cupcakes with piped mint green and cream buttercream. The bride and groom also had citrus passion and cafe latte cupcakes which were kept in the kitchen and plated for dessert later in the evening. The cake topper was made by our amazing figurine lady Kim, and was all fondant (apart from the inside of the kombi which was florists oasis wrapped in cling wrap). So cute!

Leanne and Tony's wedding cupcakes

A wedding cupcake tower for our beautiful friends Leanne and Tony! They had a mix of choc mint mud, double choc mud and vanilla cupcakes with a double choc mud topper cake. The flowers were provided by Nikki at Style on Q. The cupcakes were decorated with lilac tinted buttercream and cream buttercream with icing rose petals. I love the look of fresh flowers and cupcakes!

Baby shower cupcakes

A mix of mini bite-sized vanilla and choc vanilla cupcakes with baby shower decorations (baby onesies, prams, bottles, bunnies, hearts, and flowers).

Dusty pink flowery wedding cupcakes

I love this tower made for a beautiful couple in Brisbane. The cupcakes were sensational strawberry, choc mud and raspberry white choc flavours with a raspberry white choc topper cake. The decorations were a mix of cream, pale dusty pink and a darker dusty pink flowers and rolled roses and pale green leaves. The flowers had pearl cachous centres.